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Solvay conference 1911

Education & Careers

An open collaborative project of the Geovistory community on the history of science and universities.

Everyone is invited to join and contribute with their own data.

The project is dedicated to the history of science and universities. You will find information about professors from different universities and their academic careers: from graduation to professorship.

This project was initiated at the virtual DHd (German Digital Humanities Conference) in 2021, as part of a collaborative experiment. The original description of the experiment can be found here. In this experiment, a first dataset, the directory of scholars at the University of Kiel in Germany, has been added. It was further enriched with data from various projects, such as the siprojuris project on French law professors.

What can you do?

You can explore the available information using the graphical data explorer or the sparql endpoint. For example, you might want to explore the existing scholars per domain.

Search data

Query and visualize the data, starting from an example map visualization where you can adapt the SPARQL query to show other geographical information of this community project.

Query and visualize data

Or you can create an account in the Geovistory Toolbox and contribute to the community project as described in the Project manual.

Project manual

Contact us in case of questions! Either on Discord or drop us a message:

Institutional Partners

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Credit: Photograph of participants of the first Solvay Conference, in 1911, Brussels, Belgium. Taken by Benjamin Couprie. Public Domain.
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