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Linked open research data

The project Linked Open Data for the Humanities and Social Sciences intends to:

Linked open research dataBring Linked Open Research Data practices to the Humanities & Social Sciences.Reusable dataOperationalize the FAIR principles, aiming at data reusability.CommunityStrengthen the community of researchers, data experts and web developers in the humanities and social sciences.

The Project

The project “Linked Open Data for the Humanities and Social Sciences” (LOD4HSS) is supported through a swissuniversities Open Research Data Grant. LOD4HSS strives to bring forward the open Geovistory platform, propagating Open Research Data workflows according to different use-cases (research data analysis & publishing, teaching, interlinking & reusing available data) and in line with the needs of the various domains in the Humanities and Social Sciences. It aims to expand and strengthen the community of data producers and consumers providing easy-to-use tools and means for exchange, based on a clearly defined governance structure closely aligned with academia.

Geovistory supports Open Research Data for Switzerland and the international Humanities & Social Sciences community. We foster an engaged community and document best practices. Consequentially contributing to methodological innovations of research as Open Data and aiming to provide Geovistory as a sustainable platform.

Get in touch

Please join us on Discord or drop us a message: info[at]


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